Vision Statement

To lovingly and cheerfully extend heartfelt greetings of welcome to everyone as they enter the building and set the atmosphere for worship by spreading the joy of the Lord.
You may be the first loving touch a guest receives. This sets the stage for people to be open to changing their lives for the better. People will be more or less attentive and receptive to the message depending on how you made them feel when they entered the building.
Most guests will decide in the first few minutes if they will return, even before the music starts or the first prayer is prayed. It’s easy to walk into church if you go there on a weekly basis. But….do you remember the first time you entered into a new church? Were you made to feel welcome?


As greeters our job is very simple. We are here to show the love of Christ and make everyone feel like they are part of our church family. We seek to eliminate fear and encourage the love of Christ by showing the beauty of a smile when someone enters into our church doors. Kind words, a loving handshake or brief hug, may be all that is needed to boost confidence and bring a sense of ease to someone’s heart. The word “Welcome” is just a small percentage of what God can do through the greeter’s ministry. He has given this ministry so much more power to touch others through the joy of our service.

The Simple Truth

The truth is…. everyone deserves a warm smile, a word of welcome, a handshake or brief hug when they enter our church doors. We all are a part of God’s family.

Ministry Leaders

Marilyn Fowler President
Sandra Tyree Vice President