Beginning the Fast 

Pre-fast should start gradually, 2-3 days prior.  Always begin by reducing the volume of daily food intake.  Increase water intake and lessen the amount of intake of meats, processed foods and sugar.


During the Fast 

While fasting major physiological changes happen on a cellular level within the body, as many of the toxins, acids, fats, bacteria, and drug residues that have been stored in the body begin to surface.  For this reason, drink plenty of water though-out the FAST.


During a fast you may feel the following:

  • Dizziness or lightheaded
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Cravings
  • Cold hands
  • Bad Breath.**


However, don’t be alarmed.  Remember that spiritual fast is a season of sacrifice onto the Lord.  During this time, we are open to hear His voice to honor His requests.  We use this season of separation to ask the Lord to prepare us to be instruments, fit for His use in Kingdom building. The good side effects that follow are:  Sense of well being, weight loss, energy, sweet taste in mouth, alertness, diminishing of brain fog.


Breaking the Fast

The end is just as important as the beginning.  We should always gradually work our way back into a normal eating pattern.  An effectively broken fast results in sustained energy.  When breaking the FAST, never shock the system with greasy or fried foods.  It is more appropriate to have a nutritious salad, soup, and some warm herbal tea.


Brought to you by the Health Ministry & The Proper Fast by Terrance Johnson






**Always consult a physician before beginning any Fast!**